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My reasons for setting up a subscription service for my muzak was because firstly I wasn't going to create a subscription for my music because I firmly believe in giving away my works, but it looks like I may have to as I have allowed my free download credits to run low and there is a minor cost with renewing them. And secondly I am looking to expand into perhaps, the dream, producing actual vinyl releases if I can get enough cash together.

Ive tried to make this subscription as fair as possible with major cuts on CD items, which I will be eventually getting professionally produced.

This subscription allows 80% off merch items such as CD's and Cassettes but excludes t-shirt because they are sold from another site, and includes all the current bandcamp sites discography which grows by the hour. :)

What you get:

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Wales, UK
Since 2010 To The Lovers, Farewell has taken a stab at multiple genres and twisted them into something new. Starting with Noise and now at modal jazz

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